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I don’t care WHO you are but a rape joke isn’t okay and shouldn’t be shrugged off like this.

here's a link to the interview.


 He says the rape joke at 2:40.


okay I’ve gotten quite a few messages telling me to “fuck off” or that i’m being “childish” and “immature” about the martin thing.

I take rape as hideously important. Obviously it is. It’s a horrible, horrible, really fucking  horrible thing that happens far too much with not enough punishment. 

One of the reasons that I think there are so few punishments for it is because of the attitude that the community of the world has about it, which is victim blaming and joking.

Therefore, when calling Martin out for such jokes, it’s because he’s adding to an already flawed system. I don’t find this immature or childish at all, but extremely serious. 

So please don’t send me hate for calling an actor who I like and respect out on his questionable actions, thanks.

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